Affiliate/Partner Programs

IncentiFind offers three Affiliate Programs (or Tiers) to partners with medium to high volume needs for our VERIFY Reports and/or APPLY Services. Our "Earned Sharing” program is ideal for midsize companies that want to market our products and services to their property owners. Through this volume based pathway, Affiliates can realize shared revenue on the sale of every VERIFY Report as well as APPLY Services.

Volume is determined by the number of projects the Affiliate can bring to IncentiFind. Projects are defined as individual buildings. Our VERIFY Reports are specific to a single building. Therefore, Affiliates can estimate their volume through the number of projects or buildings they serve in a year. Volume is accumulative and therefore, Affiliates progress through our Tiers overtime.

Affiliates will only receive commission on commercial or public entity projects. Commission will NOT be paid out for residential (single-family) projects.

Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate

  • No obligation to maintain a specific volume of work
  • No formal agreement is required to become an Affiliate
  • Connect your owners to cost-saving incentives
  • Our incentives help you sell more products, equipment, appliances, and/or services
  • Get a custom URL that allows you promote our valuable data to a larger audience (we track all commissions back to you)
  • Get access to a dashboard that shows all of your leads in one place

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Start receiving commission in four simple steps: